Studio Policy

(currently under revision, to come into effect September 2017)



Tuition: (currently under revision) All lesson tuition is paid monthly and is due near the beginning of the month, on the date specified on the student invoice.  In the case of quarterly payments, payment is due on the date of the first unpaid lesson.  Students should notify teacher of their method of payment at their introductory lesson.  Both cash and personal checks are acceptable and may either be mailed to the address on the student invoice, or delivered to teacher in person.  Checks may be made out to Carla Anderson.  Students should receive a payment confirmation by e-mail for their records.

Recital Fee: (currently under revision) Effective September 1, 2014, a $10 fee per family will be added to the student invoice on Recital months.  (typically May and December)

Materials: The teacher will provide the initial lesson binder and ongoing lesson sheets.  The student is expected to pay for and obtain his or her own music books and materials.

Invoices: Student invoices will be e-mailed at the beginning of each month, for the coming month.  It works best to contact your teacher before the end of the month if you will require any schedule changes that will vary from your normal lesson schedule to ensure an accurate invoice for the upcoming month.  At any time, students may log in to their accounts to see their lesson history.

Late payments: Monthly lesson payments made later than the invoice due date may be subject to a $5 overdue fee.

Bounced check fee: If a check is returned for insufficient funds, the student will accrue a $10 fee, plus the amount of the payment due.


Student Cancellations or Absences: (under revision) Lessons canceled with a minimum of one day prior notice will either be rescheduled, schedule permitting, or a credit will be issued toward the following month.  Because the teacher reserves a specific time for her students each week in her schedule and spends time in preparing for her students, students will not receive a credit for lessons canceled with less than a day-before notice due to any reason other than an emergency, inclement weather, or illness (all up to teacher discretion).  No refund or credit will be given for no-shows or tardiness.

Teacher absences: The teacher reserves the right to cancel or reschedule lessons due to illness or other commitments, and builds one absence a semester into the monthly lesson cost.  Whenever possible, the teacher will provide notice prior to the month that is being affected by the absence.  The teacher will provide makeup lessons as applicable.


Punctuality: The teacher strives as much as possible to be prepared and to begin lessons on time.  Likewise, students are responsible to be punctual to lessons.  Teacher reserves the right to consider a lesson as “missed” if there is no contact from the student by 10 minutes past lesson start time.  If the student expects to be delayed, please call or text to let the teacher know if the student will be attending the lesson.  Students who arrive late will not be guaranteed their full lesson time.  Parents who drop students off for lessons are also expected to be punctual in picking up their student.  Students who arrive early may need to wait until their scheduled lesson start time.

Practice: While your teacher will work hard to make each lesson an enjoyable experience, students are expected to take their lesson time seriously, and to practice regularly in order to get the very most out of their lessons.  The teacher suggests a minimum of 4-5 practice times per week, and a continued commitment from the student to regular practicing, and to bringing all books and lesson binder to each lesson.


Lesson Involvement: In most cases, parents/guardians are welcome to attend and observe lessons.  In some cases, where agreed upon by parent and teacher, parents/guardians may consider not attending lessons if their presence may detract from the student’s lesson quality or performance.

Student Practice: Parents/Guardians are asked to encourage students and to be active participants during piano practice times during the week.  Weekly practice goals will be set during lessons with the teacher on an individual basis.

Communication: The teacher communicates primarily through e-mail.  Students are free to text or call the teacher’s mobile number listed on the student invoice as well.  The teacher may occasionally leave notes or comments for the Parent/Guardian in the student binder from week to week.  Parents/Guardians are free to use the binder for communication with the teacher as well.


For lessons held at HBC, the church parking lot is free for students use.  For lessons held at the teacher’s personal studio, it is requested that students park on the street, making sure to keep driveways open.


The teacher is not responsible for any injuries, loss or theft or occurring on teacher’s personal property.  Likewise, HBC is not responsible for any injuries, loss or theft occurring on church property.


Students may access this studio policy, as well as their personal payment, billing, lesson, and schedule information at any time by accessing the student portal via  Each student will set up a login name and password within the period of their introductory month of lessons.  This studio policy may be occasionally amended as needed, and current students will be notified accordingly.  Studio clients may be notified of such amendments by letter, e-mail, or on the studio web site at least 4 weeks prior to the effective date of the amendments. All these forms of notification shall be considered valid and binding on both parties, as is this initial studio policy.


Student Termination: A student may choose to terminate lessons at any time, but the teacher asks that he or she give notice, preferably in writing with at least 2 weeks notice.  In the case of a student ceasing lessons directly upon notice or without notice, he or she is responsible for paying for lessons two weeks following the last attended lesson, even if he or she does not attend those piano lessons.

Teacher-initiated Termination: Students may be asked to discontinue lessons if there has been an excess amount of absences or unprepared lessons. Lessons may also be terminated for unpaid or continuously late-paid tuition.  The teacher reserves the right to terminate lessons at her own discretion.