I teach lessons on an upright acoustic piano, and accept students of all ages and levels.

Lesson content is flexible and is tailored to each student. I naturally play by ear, and love to teach my students to learn this aspect of piano along with sight reading and theory, enabling the music experience to occasionally escape beyond the page. You or your child are free to choose to follow one of the many piano methods such as Alfred or Thompson, although I have my own preference for a couple methods that I feel are most beneficial. For those just getting started, there are great options available for both younger and mature students, for beginners and up.  The Music Tree for children, My First Piano Adventure for pre-readers and beginners, and Adult Piano Adventures by Faber & Faber have been three of my recent preferences.  Students are always free to introduce and bring their own music to lessons, and lessons are customized for each student.  I am also very open to teaching students who are interested in the digital Piano Marvel method.

Ultimately, I aim to create a learning environment that strives to balance technique, sight reading skills, theory knowledge, and ear training – all with the goal of enabling the student to enjoy his or her learning experience while working toward becoming a confident master of the piano.

Recitals are held at least once per year in the spring, where students have the opportunity to perform on a baby grand piano at a local church facility.  We have also performed during the Christmas season for folks in our local nursing home communities.