Carla has played piano since the age of seven and first began lessons under an accomplished Japanese pianist while living in Japan. She began accompanying at the age of eleven, and has benefited from a wide variety of teachers and performance opportunities. She has been heavily involved in accompaniment in schools and churches since 1995, and directed choir from 2008-2015. Carla has written songs for publication and recorded on projects in Japan, England, Canada and the United States. She traveled with a band as keyboard player and vocalist from 2002-2003 and values her recording experience in Nashville.

Carla studied piano under Dr. Ping-Shan Liao at Prairie Bible College in Alberta, Canada, and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. Currently she serves as the music director at her church in North Denver, CO, organizing music teams and leading worship music. She is the wife of a wonderful husband, and has three awesome kids.